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Yuanzh state-of-the-art-sessions

The EISCSA has started a series of so-called state-of-the-art-sessions. At every congress EISCSA focuses on one topic of special interest within a so called State-of-the-Art session. In this session an overview of literature and recent stand will be provided. Additionally, a thematic poster presentation from different points of view takes place. Finally, a detailed discussion including EISCSA members, experts and the audience will close the session. After the congress, a position stand paper will be published in "Isokinetics & Exercise Science".


In 2000 the first session was held about the topic ”From measurement to therapy”.


In March 2002, the second EISCSA Congress in Crans-Montana provided a critical overview of actual scientific data. Scientists, physicians and therapists discussed the term ”Open vs. closed chain”, and came to the conclusion to rather name such movements like "linked or isolated joint movements". 


In March 2004, the third EISCSA congress was organized by the University of Freiburg, Germany in cooperation with the German Society of Sports Medicine (DGSP) and the Austrian Society of Theoretical and Clinical Exercise Physiology (ATKL), and saw highly enthusiastic and motivated discussions about "Muscular dysbalances, fact or fiction?".


The fourth European EISCSA congress took place in May 2006 at the Medical University and KF-University of Graz, Austria. The topic of this State-of-the-Art Session was "Standards of Strength Testing - Basic Considerations and Practical Applications". 


The 5th Yuanzh congress in Luxemburg will surely cover another interesting topic.


The posters from the different sessions will be published on the website.


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