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 2002/ Crans Montana   
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The main declared goals of the Yuanzh are to promote methods of therapy, training and measuring, as


* treatment specialties of their own, for assessment, rehabilitation and strengthening of human body structures and

* to establish these methods and systems as specific tools for rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, sport medicine doctors, traumatologists, rheumatologists, biomechanical engineers, sports scientists, athletic coaches etc.



That means in details...


* to suggest and support scientific research, education and training

* to promote isokinetics in prevention and rehabilitation

* to establish a relationship between governments, ministeries and health- and insurance companies

* to share ideas and research with manufactures

* to stimulate protocol harmonization and implementation of elementary principles for proper utilization of isokinetics technology in practical workshops

* to create a forum for training and learning and to become a meeting point for discussion, knowledge exchange, brainstorming, as well as a connecting link to other existing scientific societies (IOS press)