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Lochaeckerstrasse 18, CH-8302 Kloten, Switzerland. Phone: +41 44 803 06 30, Mail: [email protected]
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The EIScsa is thankful for the financial support from the following sponsors, which enable us to realize the congresses and the workshops, to publish the journal and therefore, to keep the level of high acceptance in the field of science, research and practical application of and with dynamic measuring systems.

This page is dedicated to all sponsors, mentioned in alphabetical orders. The Society does not assume any responsibility about the information issued here and in web pages linked to.

CMV AG, Switzerland / CON-TREX Systems
h/p/cosmos, Germany
idiag AG, Switzerland
LMT, Switzerland

CMV AG, Switzerland / CON-TREX Systems

Experience and intensive cooperation with experts in medicine, machine industry, electronics and computer science made us become specialists in constructing and producing various demanding precision tools, from micro systems to large industrial production plants.


CMV AG                                      Phone +41 (0)44 802 12 72

Zürichstrasse 69                           Fax +41 (0)44 802 12 77

CH - 8600 Dübendorf                     [email protected]

Schweiz / Switzerland         


We manufacture and market the HUMAC Computer/Software Update for the CYBEX II, 300, 6000, and NORM family of isokinetic machines. We also provide service and support for these machines.


101 Tosca Drive                 Phone +1 781 297 20 34

Stoughton, MA 02072         Fax +1 781 297 20 39

United States of America    [email protected]


h/p/cosmos, Germany

Established 1988 h/p/cosmos stands for convincing technology, design and safety in the production of running machines. In the course of time h/p/cosmos, as a German producer situated in Nussdorf, developed into a specialist for running machines and accessories in sports and medicine. Designed to last, functionality, precision engineering and the safety of the devices delight fitness people, athletes and coaches, patients and physicians worldwide.


h/p/cosmos sports & medical gmbh                                                   phone + 49 / 86 69 / 86 42-0
Am Sportplatz 8                                                                               fax + 49 / 86 69 / 86 42-49
DE 83365 Nussdorf-Traunstein                                                          [email protected]

idiag AG, Switzerland


Idiag is a specialist in interfacing  research & development with sales and marketing. A central business aim is to convert innovative ideas on medical technology into products ready to market. Therefore Idiag offers to Universities and Innovation Centres, to take over final development, production and marketing for their unused medical product potential.


Furthermore Idiag offers to manufacturer of high quality supplementing products, to act as reseller. Idiag then uses its existing resources, networks and excellence for market penetration and sales, within Switzerland and Germany.


Actually, idiag concentrates its activities in 3 fields, Medical, Sports and Traffic. Idiag offers products for spine diagnosis (IDIAG product SpinalMouse®), for proprioception Training (Human mobility product srt-zeptoring®), for respiratory diagnostics (Cosmed products Spirometry, Ergospirometry, Lung function) and for respiratory care as well as respiratory training (IDIAG product SpiroTiger®).


idiag AG

Mülistrasse 18

CH-8302 Fehraltdorf



LMT, Switzerland

LMT is one the leading companies in high quality products for services in the field of fitness, rehabilitation and sport in switzerland. We offer devices for fitness, physiotherapy and diagnostics.







Switzerland:                                                                  Germany:

LMT Leuenberger Medizin Technik AG                            LMT Loctec AG

Industriestrasse 19                                                        Daimlerstrasse 10/1

CH - 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland                                  D- 78665 Frittlingen

Phone +41 1 877 8400                                                   Phone +49 7626 60040

Fax +41 1 877 84 10                                                         

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